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"I don't know if I'm right,
I just know I'm doing it for the right reasons. "


Ia Orana!

I am Manon, Certified Naturopath, Body Positive practitioner and foodie (I love to eat!)
My goal is not to promote my way of seeing things, but rather to inspire you to find your life balance.

I am lucky to live in Tahiti, in French Polynesia.
Here we live close to the
  nature and our  environment is favorable to the maintenance of health: the sea, the mountains, local products in abundance, a  contact  benevolent social.

I want to maintain this environment and this way of living as long as possible, and that is what inspires me to continue to inform and share Naturopathy.
Because by becoming aware of our lifestyle choices and our way of consuming, it not only has an impact on our health, but on the world around us.

"Awareness is the first step towards any lasting change"

The naturo, quésaco?

Naturopathy  is a practice aimed at improving and balancing  health using natural and harmless methods; and the adoption of healthy habits in everyday life. While it does not replace conventional medicine, it  offers  alternatives  and other ways to maintain health.

The Naturopath offers individualized consultations in order to offer natural complementary solutions.
After a Vitality Assessment (questionnaire  comprehensive) , together we create a personalized Vital Hygiene Plan (PHV).


 It is never too late to change your  habits and sound  fashion  of life. And no need to change everything overnight either!
We  have  responsibility for our daily choices. Being aware of the choices we make every day and deciding to change them if they no longer suit our values is always within our reach.
Being in better health also means having more energy, joy,  creativity.
Your goals and dreams are within reach, you just have to reach out.

Where to start ?

The multitude of information available can quickly become a source of stress and overwhelm us. 

How to eat well? What sport should you do? These are questions that we have to ask ourselves when we want to change our lifestyle. We want to upset everything, to change everything to "finally" feel good. 

Start a new diet, lose 6 kg, start yoga, meditation ... 


What if, instead of wanting to change everything, we took the time to breathe? 

To look around us: life and joy are just there, in the smiles of the people you love, this good family meal, this calm and peaceful nature.  


How can you be the best version of yourself, all the time?
  There is nothing wrong with wanting  get informed and want change for that life, but we have to make sure to do it with kindness towards ourselves!
Understanding the functioning of our body and our mind, our strengths and weaknesses, our habits and our reactions, this is the first step to explore: Understanding yourself.

You can choose well-being at any time:

From now on you are free to choose to ...

  • Take 3 soothing breaths  

  • Add color to your next meal  

  • Do some stretches  

  • Focus on what's beautiful around you

  • Thank your body, the people around you, life ...  

No need to do anything crazy, the simplest of actions can really change the course of your day.

The smallest actions - daily and conscious - often have the greatest impact.

Not everyone has the time to prepare a healthy meal every lunchtime or to work out every day. Each person is different and starts from a different point. This is why Naturopathy  offers individualized and personalized solutions according to YOUR needs and YOUR objectives.

  We all have our own issues and challenges, and I believe that each of us also has an unsuspected strength in ourselves. We just need to awaken it.

with love, xx


Contact me 

Manon Coirre, Naturopath

+689 87775936

Rejoins-moi sur Instagram pour me suivre au quotidien !

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