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Your dream weight may not be your ideal weight.

Those few kg are your spontaneity, your freedom, your love for yourself.

Fitness, food, losing weight is on the mind of many women.. all the time.

Always looking to know more and experiment on losing weight, diet, food rules, sleep, fitness, supplements, or anything to help us feel better in OUR bodies.

I had my own experience with losing weight and exercice, that cost me the loss of my period for more than 3 years.

I'm so lucky to say I have found my own balance, to be surrounded by loving and caring people. I'm also surrounded by strong, wise, beautiful women. Yet, I often hear...

I ate wayyy to much yesterday! I'm going to start a diet.

OMG I gain a kg, I NEED to lose it asap!

I didn't exercice for more than 3 days. I feel sooo sluggish and soft.

I think many of the women dealing with these kind of thoughts - myself included - are in this position because we struggle to keep our "ideal" weight. Staying at the exact weight we'd like has become a daily fight, often made of experimenting, diets and new food rules found in doubtful mode magazines or on blogs.

There's NOTHING wrong about wanting to live the healthy lifestyle (I'm all about it !) but this constant fight, made of doubts, controls and manipulation etc. is harmful, stressful and it is a enormous waste of our energy (not to mention that it's messing our quest of optimal health, by decreasing our metabolism and increasing the fat storage, which does not help !)

"Those kg are the best moments of our life, our celebrations, favorite memories and unforgettable trips"

The real problem is that many women found themselves in this daily fight - if not hourly - because they want to keep a weight 5 to 10 pounds lighter than their body would like to have. We struggle to keep a weight that we estimated after being influenced by pictures of the 'ideal' women body, fed by social medias, ads, etc.

Honestly, this has become a toxic obsession, fueled by this constant pressure of the absolute - and photoshopped - beauty. Living there, it is simply self-inflicted torture.

These 5-10 pounds that we're fighting against is something we get obsessed on, fixed upon, a never satisfied need. This thing that could make our life PERFECT, if only it could be real and reachable.

But somewhere, in the depth of our inner wisdom, brilliant and light, we know it is not true.

I'm here to remind you that you could not be further from the truth.

Those few more pounds, this weight were your body WANTS to be, it is your life.

This is the pizza that you shared with your girlfriends, the Sunday brunch with your lover, your favorite cookie recipe for when you want to treat yourself.

It is all those incredible celebrations, unforgettable trips, your favorite memories of your life.

Those few pounds, it's your spontaneity, your freedom, your love for yourself.

During the next month, I invite you to let go of the fight. Even if its only for the month. To put this energy, this will to focus on love, connection, and all the juicy parts of life, nothing else.

Allow yourself, allow your body to be effortlessly at its ideal weight, and enjoy the peacefulness.

xx, Manon

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