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There is no ONE way to eat.
Our bodies are endowed with innate intuitive wisdom, and with different  systems  helping to keep us in shape.  

It is designed to send us signals of hunger, satiety, and attract us to foods that can nourish us and be satisfied.

Today we are bombarded with information about our diet, what to eat, when, how much ... so that we turn away from our best indicator: ourselves.

Sure,  he  There are " rules" of hygiene of life to be followed to be in good health, but they remain to be adapted and personalized according to our own needs!

We are  actors and managers  of our health.
Taking charge means starting by educating yourself on how our machinery works: our body.
Taking charge is knowing how to be patient with yourself, trusting natural processes.
Taking charge is Self-Love ! It allows us to be in tune with ourselves, better in our body and in our head.


I also suggest that you accompany you in this change, during  of a consultation. 


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C'est fait, à bientôt !

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