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Let's talk food!

I like to eat, and I also like that food is an accessible way to take care of yourself on a daily basis.
it's all about
  Self-Love baby!

Let's not forget that many health problems are linked to what we put on our plate:
Acne, disorders
  digestive and  metabolic, fatigue, insomnia,  hormonal imbalances and even anxiety and  depression  !

We are sometimes on the brink of mental and physical well-being.

"Let the food be the medicine & let the medicine be the food." 
- Hippocrates


Each of us has different needs. 
However, I also believe
  that a healthy diet is one of the keys to maintaining good health.

And unlike what you can read on some fitness and nutrition blogs or sites, it's not about cutting out certain foods.  or deprive yourself by counting calories!
Rather, it is about honoring your body and your health by learning to be attentive to the messages that our body sends us, in order to meet our needs, to be nourished AND satisfied!

I like to share healthy and colorful recipes, in order to titillate your taste buds and show you that cooking healthy is delicious (and  easy  !)

Légumes frais

Nourish & Satisfy

There is no ONE way to eat.
Our bodies are endowed with innate intuitive wisdom, and with different  systems  helping to keep us in shape.  

It is designed to send us signals of hunger, satiety, and attract us to foods that can nourish us and be satisfied.

Today we are bombarded with information about our diet, what to eat, when, how much ... so that we turn away from our best indicator: ourselves.

Sure,  he  There are " rules" of hygiene of life to be followed to be in good health, but they remain to be adapted and personalized according to our own needs!


Naturopathy and nutrition

Naturopathy helps to modify eating habits by limiting foods that are less nutritious and more harmful to health (fast sugars, trans fats, processed products, etc.) 

Its purpose is to strengthen vital energy and  maintain good health.

In the event of digestive disorders, it intervenes by helping the person to find what suits him and brings natural tools to relieve these disorders.

In addition, Naturopathy is an integrative approach which sees food as a disease prevention tool. She also believes that good nutrition is important to support the body in healing pathologies and rebalancing vital functions.


Food is a pillar in all traditional medicines. During an appointment, we will see together how to integrate better habits  food  for you to achieve your health goals as well as a healthy relationship with food and your body!

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Abonne-toi pour rester au courant et recevoir les derniers articles !

C'est fait, à bientôt !

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